She says, “The bluebird of happiness gave her the bird.”

Or  “life can be peachy or the pits.”

She has interesting ways to describe her life.

Although some days may be rough, she is tough,

And very positive.

She wants her primary focus to be family,

Kind and loving,

Working as a team,

Instead of fighting and feuding,

And letting off steam.

Married twenty years, she frequently talks about her two daughters,

And how important they are in her life.

Stephanie’s a delightful combination, Swedish and Italian,

Filled with energy.

Stephanie is a true blond, an Aries, fiery, dizzy and strong,

Laughing at her own confusion and always smiling,

Her co-workers confirm she is very knowledgeable

Very caring and helpful with patients.

She loves to read but she says she doesn’t practice wordition,

although after a small glass of wine,

she becomes super outgoing with an occasional slip of the tongue.

She wanted to be a correctional officer

But chose to work in the medical field.

Although Stephanie has been employee of the year

she wants to go back to school.

This time she wants to return in a Camero.

A girl’s gotta have a dream or two.

September 19, 2017

My Community is the World

Build A Future with SPS Habitat for Humanity
Image by dreamsjung via Flickr

Within my
community I live,

Focusing on what I can give,

In the company
of friends I seek,

pretense I’ll help the weak

Being a
friend to all I know,

You could probably
see that though,

My thoughts
on those hurting often dwell,

As I try to
care for others well,

My struggle
to help is not a trend,

I try to
encourage all my friends,

I want to
hang out with those like me,

And touch
the lives of all I see,

I want to
have friends across the earth,

For they have
stirred my heart since birth,

Now my heart
no boundary knows,

As my circle
of friends grows,

Because my relational
borders do not exist,

All the
friends I would have missed,

Are drawn to
friendship’s warm embrace,

I encounter those
with vulnerable hearts face to face,

continual upheavals will not pass me by,

But with the
help of friends from low or high,

I’ll join
with others and lend a hand,

Giving of
myself across the land,

Working and
caring like sister and brother,

strengths and weaknesses with each other,

and seeing with open hearts,

Keeping ego
and pride worlds apart,

With respect
and dignity treat all the same,

hopes and knowing each name,

Listening to
dreams that need to be replaced,

Sharing fears
and worries that should be faced,

Building a
future together within our space,

Being part
of a community without end,

Changing the
world so that all are friends.





Give Me Time To Earn My Wings

An Angel
Image via Wikipedia

Are you the angel I talk to at night?

You’re right at my side when I turn out the light,

I encourage you to listen but I ignore what you say,

And yet you’re expected to guide me the “right” way,

I should be quiet for awhile and listen to you,

But I’m only human, so what else can I do?

I should be wiser and hold your words dear,

Because you speak the truth, I should have nothing to fear,

When you leave for a moment even in the night,

My heart watches for you, and keeps you in sight,

Are you the angel that hovers during the day?

Fanning me with your wings, keeping the heat away,

You’re playful as you flit and twirl around,

While I can only imagine my feet off the ground,

You’re forgiving when my words hurt deep,

 I don’t really want to give you reasons to weep,

But you’re one of the angels assigned to me,

Shielding me from demons protectively,

They’re always close by, urging me to run,

“Escape from your angel and have some fun,”

“Freely enjoying without someone holding you back,”

“You don’t have to stay on that one way track,”

The demons forget I’ve walked on that side,

I’ve scars and bruises all over my pride,

I eluded my angels while demons preened my vanity,

But like a prodigal son I returned to my sanity,

Worse for the wear, out of the muck and grime,

I stay closer to my angels, so much wiser this time,

I don’t always listen to those angelic voices,

And I blame only myself for unwise choices,

My angels guide me to those in need across the land,

And show me ways my heart can expand,

Are you one of those angels who’s constantly sharing,

And teaching me ways I can still be caring?

Whether an angel extraordinaire and wise,

Or still earning your wings while in human guise,

You’ve been patiently waiting while wisdom I acquire,

Becoming steel at last, hardened by the fire,

So if you’re my personal angel, or one of a troop,

Make way, I’m trying, to become one of your group,

For I like angels, butterflies, and fluttery things,

Just give me time to earn my wings.

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