I’m not crazy even though you disagree.

I’m simply a man wanting justice, for people like me.

This world is full of lonely people ready to explode

They carry heavy burdens and they need to unload.

Just because I got angry when you killed the cat.

Life to me is precious. What do you think about that?

“Animals are just creatures”, you said once or twice.

Some should be burned alive, the others frozen in ice.

You called my mom a slut right in front of her face,

I love my mom. Your remark was way out of place.

My blood was boiling, your tongue had no control,

Yet you continued talking, words that were cruel and cold.

You laughed, “There’s no reason for her to live.”

We had both watched a bag lady pull children from a fire,

Without concern for her own life, she didn’t stop to enquire,

What color, social group, language they spoke,

They were children, worthy of rescue from the blazing pyre.

You laughed, “There’s no reason for her to live.”

You continued talking, words that were cruel and cold,

My blood was boiling, and I finally lost my control.

Am I crazy? People might have a reason to ask.

I’m almost sorry I chose you to be my very best friend,

And now I’m trying to decide whether I can forgive you.

Should I walk away, turn you in, or let our friendship end?

July 15, 2017



Take Her Heart and Lead

We Danced Anyway
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I remember well our first date,

Time inched along, I didn’t like to wait,

I can still picture her in frilly gown,

As I paused at the bottom of the stairs,

Waiting for her to come down,

To me she was simply beautiful,

I tried hard to remember she was my friend,

She twirled around, showing off her dress,

At first I was at a loss for words,

But I knew she was trying to impress,

“Tell me you like it,” she said with a smile,

What should I say about colors or style?

“Your dress is beautiful. It’s perfect for you”,

And I thought, “Anything would do,”

We had been friends for a long, long time,

I was always the one she talked to,

Whenever she had a new flavor of the week,

She didn’t seem interested in me,

But it was my advice she’d seek,

“You’re fickle,” I told her often,

Because none of her relationships would last,

She’d look at me oddly,

And insisted they went too fast,

But I believed then that she was waiting,

To fill an inner need,

She never told me she wanted a man,

Who would take her heart and lead,

Now in this moment I knew this might be my chance,

My heart had long thought she was perfect for romance,

Just outside her door I studied her face,

The moonlight displaying her beauty and grace,

A slight breeze played with wisps of her hair,

I could see all kinds of mystery there,

I opened my car’s door to let her in,

She seemed surprised,

But I could see she had a grin,

The evening seemed to fly right past,

As we laughed, talked, and dined,

When I suggested we also dance,

She accepted very fast,

She seemed puzzled as we waited on the dance floor,

She wasn’t sure what was in store,

I stood quietly for a moment,

Letting the music enter my feet, my hands, my body,

All as one,

We waltzed across the floor,

The fun had just begun,

The rhythms changed as couples danced,

Keeping to the time,

I noticed her breathing was just the same as mine,

Quick, quick, slow, slow,

We covered the floor with zest,

And she was laughing as we danced,

While pressed against my chest,

In the wee hours we went for coffee,

To talk as we’d never done,

And we were both surprised,

When the waitress said,

“Isn’t that a gorgeous sun?”

As I took her home she seemed concerned,

And I asked her what was wrong,

“I don’t want to lose your friendship,

But I’ve loved you all along,”

I was shocked but pleased,

And I confessed that she was the one,

Who set my heart aflame,

“We’ve been friends for a long time,

But I want you to have my name,”

That was the moment we became very best friends,

We shared troubles along with our fun,

She didn’t have to be anyone but herself,

She was my chosen one,

She wanted to be loved and cherished,

And that dream came true,

She was the one I adored,

My queen through and through,

And in turn I became her king,

That’s what love will do.










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