The Reality of Life

Everyday Life in Armash
Everyday Life in Armash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am bathed now as I once was, Sponged off and towel dried, But where are the powder and soft skin, I think both were gone long ago, I eat now as I once ate, Soft spooned foods then towel wiped, But where are the foods that I like, Gone with the teeth I once had, I listen to stories as I once did, Short stories that make me glad, But where are the fairy tales of greed and lust, Swallowed up in the reality of everyday life, Where are the friends I once knew, Who traveled down these roads of life, Have they changed, too, as time went by, Or have they escaped the ravages of time, As I sit and remember the days gone by, I find I have returned to my nest, Where things are the same as they once were, Swallowed up in the reality of life.

To Bathe or Not to Bathe

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There in the
bright light she stood,

Her shadow
following as close as it could,

She said, “I’ll
follow this path,

It’ll lead
me home to my bath,

You’d have
one too, if you could,”


“Oh, no,”
said her shadow with a sigh,

“I’ll never
take a bath, here’s why,

I’d be so
clear when clean,

That I’d
never ever be seen,

So I’d
rather be dirty and dry.”

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