No Rain in Sight

the crickets were forecasting the weather last night,

singing, “No rain in sight, No rain in sight!”

wells are drying up, businesses are shutting down,

soon no one will be living in this deserted town.

today two men were chastised for washing their car,

I’ve got to escape real soon to someplace real far.

my friends are looking at me with evil in their eyes,

my well is still working but i’m beginning to tell lies.

if they only knew I took a bath last night,

they’d sputter and yell and say it wasn’t right.

then one and all would leave with a frown,

and sometime at night my house might burn down.

I’ve got to be careful when crickets sing their song.

anything I might say could be construed as wrong.

I’m breathing dust that hangs heavy in the air,

there’s no rain in sight, so beware, beware!

by dan roberson



I believed I grew up in an ugly town,

A small community tucked in a small corner

Of nowhere,

Where smiles stayed hidden

And were rarely found.

The land was hot and dry in summer,

But cold and wet in winter.

Everyone said it was ugly

And I believed it to be the center

Of a cosmic mistake.

Where was the beauty?

The town pulled at me

Tied me down,

Trapped me in webs of misery

And kept me bound.

“Leave it. Leave it,” I was warned.

“There are places to see, places to be,

Stay away from this town where hope cannot see.”

For years I searched for beauty and smiles,

Crossed oceans and mountains and countless miles.

I did not find the city of my dreams.

Happiness did not exist,

All cities were the same.

I returned to my city,

Weary and worn from my search.

I had learned to smile, learned to enjoy,

Learned to change my attitude.

I greeted each person I chanced to meet,

With a smile.

I looked around and found

Changes in my ugly town.

In the summer it was kissed by the sun,

And the cold in winter was also fun.

This was not a town of misery,

But a town of hope for all to see.

Each smile I encountered brightened my way,

And the town grew more beautiful day by day.

My town, a place to live and grow,

An Eden, a garden below.

Beauty is now found inside of me,

And my smiles are there for all to see.

By Dan Roberson



In a basket on my desk there are twelve coins of various values,

A few handwritten notes jotted down when things began going wrong,

Seven unclaimed keys, one left behind after a few drinks too many,

Three keys meant to open padlocks of long deserted farmhouses,

And two keys from a car missing somewhere on the back roads.

The stately clock in the hall ticks steadily along,

Unaware that the weather has changed and a cold storm approaches.

It’s raining outside and my arms are empty.

But I know my destiny is calling and I must answer,

The rain will turn into snow and cover my tracks.

Tonight she’s with someone and I wait impatiently,

My rage contained and hidden behind a smile and a promise.

I know which farmhouse they’ve been visiting,

And I know by now they have had too much to drink.

The missing car is lost forever, just like my love for her.

If we could have kept our love unblemished,

We could have grown closer instead of apart.

If she had been faithful and remained committed,

Those keys would have rusted away without being used.

It’s snowing now and I know I’ll miss her warm embrace.

The blanket of white is so appealing,

All the ugliness will be covered until spring.

All that I’ll keep are the coins to remember,

Erasing the pain from my broken heart,

Each coin represents a lover. Why did they all go wrong?

By Dan Roberson

Don’t Ask

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You ask me a

As you’re
just passing by,

But I don’t
want to answer you,

And you don’t bother asking why,

Your time is
limited, you’re going somewhere,

You asked
just to be polite,

The chance you
had to know more about me,

Was gone
when you walked out of sight,

Within me
there was an answer,

But it was
blocked by questions of my own,

What would
this do to our relationship,

If the truth
spills out,

If you find
my fears, my pain,

Would you
talk to be again,

Yes, I have
wants and needs,

And I’ll
listen to your deeds,

sometimes I want to know about you,

Tear down
your walls and share what’s inside,

Be authentic
and please don’t hide,

If you’re
only pretending to be my friend,

Then don’t
ask deep questions again,

Just say hi
and goodbye,

Smile a weak
smile and walk on by,

“How are you?” means you care too,

I’m ready if
you’re ready to share.

Forever Changed

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Our relationship
is in a world of change,

I’m ready to
expand my emotional range,

We should
set goals as we begin,

And change
the rules so both can win,


I know I’m
not patient, I’m one of a kind,

We did things
my way, if you didn’t mind,

When we were
dating and you were the host,

We often did
things you enjoyed the most,


Our worlds
were different, yet neither was proud,

One was an
only child, one was part of a crowd,

Our complex
differences worked because you completed me,

And the
communication we shared was always meant to be,


It seems we
fought over nothing, yet each held his ground,

If I won I
was still losing, I didn’t want to go another round,

Because I
loved who you were and you were a part of me,

When we
inflicted deep wounds we were tearing apart the we,


I promise I’ll
intentionally love you more than before,

Because I
believe that our relationship can be restored,

I think we
should work things out and not hesitate,

Easing the
tension between us would be great,


We don’t
want our wounded hearts to fester and ache,

We will work
together for our relationship’s sake,

potential that’s in us has a chance of dying,

Each time we
back down without even trying,


If we
embrace our fear and meet it head-on,

We’ll both
find out how to really love someone,

If we open
up our hearts and tear down the walls,

We’ll be
forever changed and have it all,


I want to renew
our love because I chose you,

I’ll work
harder knowing you chose me too,

reconcile and make our relationship great,

For the rest
of our lives let’s love and celebrate!



Break the Chains!

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relationship would you want changed?

holding you back?

Break the

Are there
remnants of love that still remain?

It’s never
too late to try,

Break the

Is your
relationship riddled with wounds and pain?

Are you
willing to give up pride,

To break the

Regrets and
needs are staking their claim,

important is it,

To break the

relationship can be as soothing as rain,

With a love
that grows deeper,

And will
always remain,

with words clear and plain,

Share your
love completely,

And break
the chains!

Three Love Letters (of a different kind)

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Dear Sir:

Your love
account is overdrawn and all privileges have been withdrawn.  You have six days to bring your account to a
positive balance in order to remain in good standing.  We do appreciate your business but please
understand that future attempts at love will be rebuffed and returned.  If you have any questions or want to share
your views, please contact us quickly.


The love gurus,

Venus, Cupid, Eros


Dear Love

I tried to
explain that my love life,

Had been
filled with failures and strife,

several relationships were done,

I thought, “I’m
not having fun,”

with my own misconceptions and love wary,

I decided to
write a book titled, “Love is Scary”,

Who better
than me to write about what could go wrong,

Accepted and
rejected, and suffering for so long,

I knew how
to build walls around my hardened heart,

Allowing no
place for new love to ever start,

My book
would have many chapters to write,

So don’t
expect me to finish it in just one night,

But if I ever
open another account to share,

Please be
advised I’d have love to spare.




I received
another letter today, and it’s plain to see that things might go my way. This
time I’ll pay attention to things that matter, because I don’t want another
love to shatter.



Dear Sir:

understand your recent relationship has gone sour,

But we’re prepared to make an offer this very

If your old love is still in good condition,

And you’d
like to upgrade to a current edition,

We have just
received trade-ins we selected,

hardly been loved, perhaps all have been neglected,

All with very low mileage and require little

To get back into the game, this is your

With a fresh
coat of paint and new trim,

She’ll be
revitalized, also sleek and slim,

These models
are spotless, so much cleaner,

They’ll all
be parked where the grass is greener,

Now as for
you, in order to get your price,

You’ll have
to do some of your own sacrifice,

Work out and
get yourself in shipshape form,

yourself up to the loving norm,

Treat her
well, better than a friend,

Because if
you don’t, she’ll trade you in.


The Love

Cupid, Eros


Their last
letter gave me reason to ponder, perhaps I could learn to be so much fonder, if
I turned my heart loose and let it fly free, love might choose to stay with
me.  It’s merely a thought, a dream or a
hope, but it’s a chance for love to thrive and cope.



Love for Arts
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From the depths, myself I ask,

“Are you really up for the task?”

And then prepare for a mighty job,

(I don’t want to sound like a slob),

You might think it extra nice,

If you could call SuperHeart for relationship advice,

I would write love letters on your behalf,

Wouldn’t that be a laugh?

But what could SuperHeart possibly do,

To explain “I love you”, but “I don’t ‘love’ you”?

As SuperHeart I could really wail,

If your relationship starts to fail,

How could you win in this game of chance?

How could I spark your dying romance?

Would SuperHeart remind you of important dates?

Or simply leave it all to fate? 

 Would you call on me when love is out of control?

Or let life go on as the days unfold?

What if you were way off base?

No, I wouldn’t come and take your place,

And if there was a pick-off play,

I wouldn’t step in and save the day,

I think the job is too hard for me,

SuperHeart will probably never be,

If love is neglected it’s sadly true,

It’ll take more than SuperHeart can do,

You must be alert to avoid love’s loss,

I’ll be blunt here to get my message across,

Love is worth all you put into the task,

Love with all your heart is all I ask,

And through the years you will find,

The world will love you and your loving mind.

I’ll Love My Neighbor, My Community, and My World

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I’ll Love My Neighbor, My Community, and My World

When I was a child I felt secure in my mother’s arms,

I didn’t worry whether she would keep me from harm,

My world was limited because my vision was small,

But my understanding of relationships grew tall,

My nights were filled with moonlight and dreams,

Dreams of people who were part of a living stream,

Thus I began my quest to learn who they were,

And find where I would fit within this endless blur,

The search to belong became my secret song,

I wanted real relationships with the bonds strong,

Real questions that had meaning I wanted to ask,

To know my neighbors, was that too big of a task?

I wanted to exchange truth, not cause anyone strife,

Not to tell me they’re okay, then take their own life,

I wanted a community that found common ground,

Where people of all kinds were happy to be found,

My house would be open to all who passed through,

Not just for old friends, but even the new,

Failures of yesterday would become foundations for today,

Each mistake used to motivate to find a better way,

Relationships building up each other, with mercy and respect,

The rewards would keep returning, more than I expect,

I love my neighbors, my community, and my world too,

I would like to start somewhere, so what can I do?

No one was meant to be alone, whatever may befall,

You’re invited to my house, whether you’re different or not at all,

I’ll do what I can to share my life and maybe so will you,

We’ll build bridges across our differences and see what will ensue,

For all the world to see, our friendship would be on display,

If it’s all the same to you, there’s no reason to delay,

I’ll care for my neighbor like myself, compassionate and loving too,

I’ll seek good whenever I can, and that’s all I’ll ask of you.

Treasures Forever

Treasures Forever

Sharing words of appreciation for all that is done,

Shows me I’m respected,

Being open and honest when we talk,

Lets me trust you more,

Reciprocating by doing something good,

Demonstrates love,

Not using critical or condemning words,

Shows self control,

Giving quality time shows you care,

And builds bridges of love,

Forgiving my failures from yesterday,

Lets me love and move on,

Asking questions with a genuine desire to understand,

Shows that you listened,

Forgiving me as a commitment you made,

Shows that you accept me as I am,

Exchanging kind words between us,

Draws us closer together,

Telling me you love me, reassuring me,

Shows your sensitivity,

Believing that relationships hold life’s deepest meaning,

Makes me value you more,

Making requests and not demands,

Allows me to respond gracefully,

Showing mercy when an offense is done,

Shows a mature heart,

Turning away wrath with a soft voice,

Promotes togetherness,

Cherishing intimacy in talk and action,

Brings a closeness we both want,

Making important decisions together,

Helps build respect,

Merging our lives as we become one,

 Reminds us that our relationship,

 Is not a project to be completed,

 But a work in progress,

Treating our dreams as a gate to the future,

Helps us stay in love,

 Understanding that each of us is human,

Keeps us from falling from a pedestal,

Looking for the good in each other,

Lets us find treasures forever.

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