You Are a Diamond

You are a diamond.

Don’t ever forget that!

You are a fabulous gem

with beauty that stirs me

and those who see within.

Originally a lump of coal,

You were riddled with faults,

confused like each one of us.

Making choices as you grew,

You made your way,

Learning what hurt you or hurt others.

Under layers  of earth that ugly coal

Was squeezed and went through tremendous heat

and became a beautiful diamond.

You are like that lump of coal

The demands of society and life

combined to put you under pressure and heat

giving you experiences and wisdom

To turn you into the diamond you are.

When you enter a room the lights of your heart

sparkle and shine,

making heads turn and hearts flutter.

you are the most precious type of gem known,

a diamond forevermore.


dan roberson




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