The Love I Left Behind

The Love I Left Behind


My heart built walls and I could not trust.

With no one to care for, my heart could rust.

I challenged my heart to venture out again.

Because of wounds, it was reluctant to begin.

I was helpless at first, but my love ran deep.

Soon I was searching for a lover  to keep.

Walls separated us and I hastened on my way,

Looking for a new relationship to fill my day.

I searched desperately, yet I could not settle down.

A perfect woman was elusive and could not be found.

I became a victim of my own love/hate wars.

Bouncing from love to hate, I blamed failure on the stars.

But surviving was not living, I needed one true love.

I looked for guidance from Venus and Cupid above.

Dreams were all I had, though troubled from the start.

But I did not give up, orders came from my heart.

One last try, I decided, before my search was through.

Then I got lucky, because love brought me to you.






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