No One Else Will Do

Love Songs (Heart album)

Love Songs (Heart album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d call you my love,

Though I haven’t had the nerve,

Because you’re everything I wanted,

Much more than I deserve,


In my dreams you’re by my side,

That’s where you want to be,

I know what I see in you,

But what do you see in me?


If I could whisper in your ear,

And tell you of joys ahead,

I’d convince you of my love,

And take you to my bed,


Not tall tales but truths I’d tell,

And share with you my heart,

You would know how deep my soul,

And how much you played a part,


But don’t wait for me to say,

How much you mean to me,

Just know I have you in my heart,

That’s where you’ll always be,


I want to claim you for my own,

To share the whole world wide,

I’ll listen and love you as you are,

And I’ll look at you with pride,


You won’t have to read my mind,

To know what I think of you,

You’ll always be my love,

Because no one else will do.





3 thoughts on “No One Else Will Do

    • My acceptance might be a few days late. I appreciate the nomination but be patient because I’m in the process of moving back to CA, and I’m writing, beekeeping, tutoring, struggling, all alone since I’m single. My house is big and beautiful, I’m giving away beautiful furniture, downsizing from six bedrooms to two, all this goes against the grain since I enjoy quality, but with retirement I want to shift gears and return to my poor life I had growing up, although it was rich in spirit and imagination. I know I could have used a few more punctuation marks to break up my thoughts into sentences but for years I was the school English department head. Then I changed schools, took a multitude of classes and became a math department head. Therefore both sides of my brain are totally demolished. Oh, and I’m easily distracted. That’s why I explained so much, and yes, I tend to procrastinate as well, unless I’m on a mission. I think I should have made this into a poem. Perhaps I still will. dan May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

      • Gosh, worn out just reading it … please don’t rush, or even feel that you need to “comply” at all. I took four months to get to it! I hope everything goes to plan for you and that you’re able to find some stillness during this hectic time 🙂

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