Waiting Dreams

" Mist _ Caress "
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Waiting Dreams

In my dreams I can’t get enough of you,

We frolic in love’s hottest flames,

Caressing and savoring our pure joy,

Filling the time with love’s games,

But when I awake to empty arms,

My heart crashes to the ground,

No more leaping and soaring in the sky,

No more planets or stars, for I’m earth bound,

I want my fantasy to be my reality,

I want to hold you next to my heart,

We’ve been magnets with the same polarity,

The harder I try the more you push us apart,

I think I’ve often tried to kiss the mist,

Or tried hugging a non-existent rainbow,

To be near you without touching you,

Is like being in the sun’s early glow,

The warmth is there despite the air’s chill,

Open your heart and let me in,

We’ll fill the moments with sweet love,

And let the waiting dreams begin.

We Built a House

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We built a house out of silence and words,

With deep conversations we built the foundation,

Sweet honeyed words that oozed and dripped,

Hardened into concrete passion and love,

Kept level for a time as we patched the cracks,

We let down our guard as the foundation settled,

That was our first mistake,

With polite greetings we built the walls,

Used small talk as we went about our tasks,

In the walls silences became trapped and used for insulation,

Keeping uncomfortable spaces between us,

We talked with our eyes without sharing our thoughts,

That was our second mistake,

With angry words we raised the roof,

We built rafters with the appearance of strength,

But empty and unlivable to those inside,

We chose barbed shingles in an overlapping pattern,

Beautiful to behold but they caught and tore the heart,

We lived in this house and never made repairs,

That was our third mistake,

If we had built our house with realistic expectations,

Knowing that marriage either grows or weakens,

We could have given it the attention it needed,

Sharing our dreams and goals as we stayed best friends,

Making additions, repairs and strengthening the foundation,

But we didn’t,

We built our house on hopes and dreams,

Thinking that the other’s faults would change,

Rather than learning unconditional love and acceptance,

Our house was built on the sand of our own vanities,

And when the storms came, and they always do,

The storms were stronger than a house of words,

And the only thing left is the silence.





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S. T. O. P.

Ages ago, when cars were raked and chopped,

There weren’t cell phones or games to be shopped,

And many young kids took the time to drag Main,

Whether the night was clear or pouring rain,

It was a time of confusion and serious doubt,

Where should young kids go if they wanted to hang out?

During this period lived three Signs of the time,

I know this is weird but their names do not rhyme,

Stop lived with his two brothers, Yield, and Slow,

And hung out at corners where most people go,

Stop grew tired of being ignored like you might expect,

People waved at him but they showed little respect,

Some raced through without thought of danger,

Some turned off their lights at intersections, (even stranger)

Stop thought it could happen one day that cars crashed,

He thought cars should halt before someone got mashed,

But Slow and Yield argued and could not agree,

Just reducing the speed was enough, they said, just wait and see,

The brothers searched for solutions all through the night,

And finally they were all happy by dawn’s early light,

Slow would show first, and Yield would be next,

Stop would wait patiently to keep cars from wrecks,

Slow and Yield were respected and rarely got blame,

But Stop stirred up some who made fun of his name,

His name was used as an acronym for many phrases,

But Stop grew to accept them as they went through phases,

1.  Stop Teasing Our Police

2.  Squeal Tires on Pavement

3.  Start to Open Presents

4.  Start the Oprah Program

5.  Stop Testing Our Patience

6.  Stop Telling on People

Stop became well known and recognized by all,

It wasn’t because he was handsome or nine feet tall,

Stop’s sign wasn’t common or made from a riddle,

His sign was a red octagon with his name in the middle,

Slow with a rectangle and Yield with sides of three,

The brothers were happy, as happy as can be.


“Please Wait!” (Predicaments 5 & 6)

Predicament  (5/6)

5)  A call from Nashville was on Mindy’s machine,

This was her chance to fulfill her dream,

If she wanted to be a country music queen,

She wanted to tell him one more time,

That she really and truly loved him,

This was her chance while in her prime,

He had laughed off her attempts to be on the air,

“You should just stay home,

You don’t need to be there,”

This was her big break for riches and fame,

If he loved her he could let her go,

Later she would marry and take his last name,

Her plane was leaving at half past four,

Could she reach him in time,

Should she go or stay, she tried once more,

Her song might be a major hit,

Would he be proud of her,

Or just tired of it,

A voice on the line told her what she needed to know,

“Please wait, he’s with a friend, you’re the next one in line,”

Always left to wait, she chose this time to go.


Predicament (6/6)

6)  There were always bullies,

Who taunted, laughed, and pushed him around,

Joel was tired of them ganging up,

And threatening to knock him to the ground,

He would show them this time,

That they were very wrong,

They were weak if they met strength,

If he brought a gun he would be strong,

Maybe he could show them once,

And they would leave him alone,

Somebody had to stand up and face them,

He would be a wall of stone,

He wanted to talk to someone who understood,

Who knew just what he was going through,

He tried to call his older brother,

He always knew what to do,

It happened that the voice he heard,

Was not the one he wanted on this try,

Confused and frustrated by a voice that said,

“I’m sorry, that mailbox is full, goodbye,”

He stood there a moment staring at the phone,

There was no reason to hesitate,

The bullies should get their due,

It was time they met their fate,

No one cared what he was going through,

He was tired of smiling when bullies put him down,

Tired of worrying about them in the dark or sun,

Tired of waiting until they made him run,

Tired of everything, so he brought the gun.


Predicaments make us decide between a good or bad choice,

We choose the result if we listen to our inner voice,

Who do we have to help us think things through,

What wisdom would you share if someone asked you?



“Please Wait!” (continued)

Two Children Playing
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Predicament (3/6)

3)  Insufficient funds, there must be some mistake,

Andrew read the line again. This couldn’t be happening,

It could just be a silly fake,

How could the young lady be part of a scam,

She was convincing and trustworthy,

But she had left him in a jam,

Once more he looked for numbers as he ran a check,

His entire life savings had disappeared,

Answers were needed because his life was in a wreck,

He called her company. The response made him nervous,

He realized what a fool he was when a voice said,

“I’m sorry.  This line has been disconnected and is no longer in service.”

He called the attorney general’s office and much to his dismay,

There seemed to be a pattern in all the lessons he had learned,

“I’m sorry.  The attorney general is in a meeting or away for the day,

Please leave your name and number and your call will be returned,”

It was too late to ask anyone for advice,

Anyone he talked to turned a deaf ear,

Nothing he could do, no laws would suffice,

He encountered walls everywhere he tried,

There was only one thing left to do,

He went home and cried.


Predicament (4/6)

4)  Elizabeth and her children lived alone in a house,

They were isolated and vulnerable,

She had lost her spouse,

One evening a car came down the lane,

Why was someone there this late,

Were they lost, needing help, or slightly insane,

Men got out and approached the door,

She called 911. “I need help.  What should I do?”

“Please stay on the line and I’ll send car twenty-four,”

The intruders weren’t friends nor were they her kin,

They weren’t listening when she yelled, “Go away!”

It was quite a predicament she was left in,

Were they there to hurt the children or do her some harm,

The door was caving, someone crashed through,

And was met by the shotgun she carried in one arm,

Determination was clearly written on her face,

She would protect her children and her home,

A woman with a gun wasn’t out of place,

What would he do because he had a choice,

But he was a man full of manly pride,

And he ignored her warning voice,

When he continued to advance,

She pulled the trigger without hesitation,

She had warned him not to take a chance,

The intruder was stopped there in his spot,

The voice on the line returned,

“Ma’am, are you okay, I heard a shot,”

She replied, “Yes, I’m okay,

But the intruder is not,”

“Please stay on the line and wait,

An officer should be there shortly,

He’ll need to investigate,”

A woman alone looked like easy prey,

But when her children were threatened,

The adage was proven, crime doesn’t pay.


“Please Wait!”

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Six Predicaments   (2/6)

1)  John stood on the ledge waiting to plunge,

A crowd gathered below,

Waiting for him to make his big lunge,

He moved a few steps searching for traction,

The timing was not quite right,

He called his wife wanting her reaction,

When he told her he loved her without any lies,

Wanting her to know that he lost his job,

He was tense and irritable, But to his surprise,

He heard, “Please wait until your party is found,”

And then music he didn’t like boomed in his ear,

He didn’t want elevator music on his way down,

He let the waiting rescuers come near,

He heard, “We help everyone in our town,”

Despite all the news about John’s desperate act,

Some people thought he was being dramatic,

And said he had a tendency to overreact,

His wife went to her mother’s for a week or two,

John wonders if she’ll ever come home,

Because she’s long overdue.


2)  Flames were reaching higher and higher,

Eduardo called 911 screaming, “My children are in there,

Please don’t let this be a funeral pyre!”

A voice rang clear, “Please wait because we have pranksters about,

We’ve had several people call in tonight,

So all our engines are already out,

Tell me one more time what is your plight?”

Fortunately others had seen the glow,

He stammered and stuttered,

In his excitement his words did not flow,

Fire trucks returning were diverted and sent,

Firemen arrived to see the house in dire straits,

Through smoke and flames three firemen went,

They found one child, two, and then another,

They were carried out safely,

The two girls were okay, and so was their brother,

They lost their home, their belongings, their bed,

But when all was considered and done,

They were lucky to be alive instead.


The Magical Flutterby

Flowering crabapple tree
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During the daylight hours,

I flit, I flutter, I fly,

Sometimes high into the sky,

I wander from flower to flower,

It seems such a short time ago,

Before I had these dainty legs,

I was just a good little egg,

That stage was only four days though,

When I hatched, I went through a stage,

Feeding, growing, crawling about,

Those two weeks of growing tired me out,

Especially since I was a big caterpillar for my age,

I built a chrysalis so I could rest,

During the next ten days I began to transform,

Which was certainly the norm,

I wanted to emerge looking my best,

After ten days I stretched my beautiful wings,

This way and that until I was dry,

I felt so strong I wanted to fly,

Over meadows, mountains, and castles of kings,

I danced across flowers for children to see,

How beautiful and colorful the world could be,

Letting children know that some things are free,

They could dance too and be as happy as me.

The Stray

Stray dog - asleep
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I asked my neighbor about his dog,

She seemed affectionate, smart, and kind,

He said slowly, “She showed up one day,

Starving, scared, and half out of her mind,

She was scrawny and malnourished,

When I first saw her slinking over the hill,

She would sneak up and gulp down any food,

Left by dog or cat until she had her fill,

I yelled at her the first three days,

And emphatically told her to go back home,

I told her to stay at her own house,

Don’t come over here to roam,

But I got to noticing how poorly she looked,

While she was downing the food in gulps,

Then I watched how she always hurried away,

I knew right then she had pups,

I tried to follow her home one day,

But she was determined to give me the slip,

I lost her trail in the snowy woods,

For me it was a wasted trip,

I began giving her five cans of food each day,

Just until the start of spring,

Then one morning she didn’t show up,

I thought it was the end of everything,

In the late afternoon she appeared again,

Carrying something that I couldn’t quite see,

At first she wouldn’t let me get close to her,

She didn’t trust anyone and that included me,

Yet her hunger brought her closer,

And I saw what she protected so well,

It was a pup she toted around with her,

But it was dead, it was easy to tell,

For several days she carried that pup,

Though by then it was only a hide,

But the mom refused to give it up,

She had a burning love inside,

Finally she laid the pup down,

Close to the northern fence,

She joined up with my other two dogs,

And she’s been here since,

I don’t know where she came from,

And I don’t know where she’s been,

But I do know she guards the place,

And I consider her my friend,”

With that explanation he walked away,

The dog right there by his side,

I was left with a lump in my throat,

But a warm feeling deep inside.

One Step From the Edge

Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology
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He came to see me where I work,

“Could I talk to you when your work is through?

No one else will listen to me,

But I knew I could count on you,”


Gary was a straight A student,

Not a clown like me,

He worked hard to get a scholarship,

That was plain to see,


The following day he would travel,

To his appointment to the naval academy,

He told me this was what he wanted,

But he mentioned it so casually,


After an hour of conversation,

He admitted this was his father’s choice,

Gary was stressed, under duress,

His objections he could not voice,


I wondered if this was his only way,

He could talk and slowly vent,

For the conversation was going nowhere,

Or I missed an important hint,


His reticence about the academy confused me,

As he pondered about right or wrong,

Little did I know Gary would hang himself,

Before the night grew long,



Richard’s dream was to be a policeman,

He mentioned it often when we drank,

No one else cared to listen,

Their eyes were empty and blank,


Richard’s girlfriend left him for another,

He took it personally that she needed more,

A policeman didn’t make enough money,

So she walked quickly out the door,


Richard got a job far away,

Apparently achieving his goal,

But when there was no one he could talk to,

One bullet left a big hole,


How could I have helped these confused friends,

They were so tightly wound,

I could not hear what they desperately wanted,

I could not release the fears they found,


I’ve decided that each person I meet,

Lives a life one step from the edge,

Each kind word, smile, or thought I give,

Will come with my pledge,


If one person feels he walks alone,

Without love’s encircling arm,

That person may have no way,

To keep himself from harm,


I am willing to be strong and wise,

And I pledge to do my best,

What he says can then be heard,

As he puts me to the test,


Although I’ll do what I can,

To help someone in need,

It takes a community to pull together,

When somebody bleeds,


For each of us lives in a community,

Connected by words, hearts, and smiles,

And the more we share the love within,

The more life becomes worthwhile.










Reyna and the Umbrella

English: Maayan holds her umbrella (Israel, 2002)
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He was a grizzled old man with a sea cap,

His eyes like seas of blue,

Two children begged him for a story,

When he nodded the crowd around him grew,


“See that old umbrella over in the corner,

The one with fresh flowers on each side,

I’ll tell you a story that I believe is true,

But it’s up to you to decide,”


Reyna’s Story

She stood crowded in with the others,

Waiting for their mail-order husbands,

The men were late, but that’s how it is,

When they’re shipped from faraway lands,


She hoped he was dressed warmly,

For the day had been bitterly cold,

He would arrive in perfect condition,

At least that’s what she had been told,


The rains had fallen intermittently,

And the wetness chilled to the bone,

The women were smart to carry umbrellas,

For this event they would not postpone,


Morning turned to late afternoon

With no men yet to show,

Reyna grew impatient with waiting,

She was perplexed, for a woman has to know,


She still carried her bouquet of flowers,

Which she intended for her man,

But they drooped after the long wait,

She hoped he would understand,


She began crying out of frustration,

Her tears mixed with the rain,

What happened next was not understood,

Her umbrella felt her pain,


With powerful wings it lifted her up,

Which gave her a much better view,

There she could see a mighty storm,

And a ship trying to find its way through,


Bravely she sped their way,

Her umbrella felt her increasing power,

It glowed like a star above the ship,

And the men found their courage that hour,


Soon they were docking at the port,

Guided by that wonderful strange light,

Then they were more truly amazed,

As Reyna descended into sight,


They circled her on bended knees,

Each man loving her in his heart,

But she had chosen one good man,

To be with her from the start,


Not every woman was happy with her man,

Although each had made her own choice,

Those who ordered men with tender hearts,

Had reasons to rejoice,


For Reyna and her chosen man,

It was love for both at first sight,

They both agreed for years to come,

They were lucky the very first night,


The crowd drifted away shaking their heads,

Laughing as they walked into the night,

The old man called out as he got up from his chair,

“Reyna, should I turn out the lights?”








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