The Cold River of Credit

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Branches of avarice reach out,

Terrifying me right from the start,

Like long grasping fingers,

Trying to pluck out my heart,


The cold river of credit invites me in,

The current eager to see me drown,

While I’m struggling and spending,

It’s dragging me down,


Spend more faster, go on a splurge,

Listen to the urging of the bank,

It’s like the call of the siren,

With my own inner greed to thank,


The banks are so happy when I spend,

They love it when money is coming in,

But they refuse to let me make amends,

So who will bail me out if I overspend,


Take my house, my car, and yes, my heart,

Second chances are for the big and strong,

Wall Street corporations needing a new start,

How can they tell me I’m in the wrong,


Mainstream America caught in the flow,

In the world of finance some will drown,

Where it will stop nobody knows,

Struggling and spending and still going down,


The creditors are cold and foreclosures are wide,

There’s no place to run and no place to hide,

And where are the leaders who tend the sheep,

They’re either counting their money or fast asleep.








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