The Winter of Our Love

Struma River in Winter

Image by Klearchos Kapoutsis via Flickr

Remember in the spring when our love,

Was so sparkly fresh and clean,

Everything we did was perfect,

Nothing could ever come between,

From that budding of our love,

Which later fueled our lust,

We were united against the world,

But with each other willing to adjust,


That summer our love deepened,

It became full and rich and ripe,

We wrote poems and sang songs,

You were such the romantic type,

I couldn’t get enough of you,

You were my very best friend,

We shared our hearts and our world,

We believed love would never end,


Then came the falling autumn leaves,

As we harvested the love we planted,

But because life kept us on the go,

We took each other for granted,

It was a time to look back and contemplate,

To see if all of our goals were met,

We realized there was much more to life,

And we hadn’t reached it yet,


Then came the harshness of love,

When all warmth was met by ice,

There was utter chaos in our lives,

And our love did not suffice,

Winter brought our love near death,

Which promoted worries and fear,

We were anxious to recreate our youth,

And hold on to all that was dear,


Winter changed our outward mien,

Though my heart yet held desire,

I thought a younger woman might hold me tight,

But she couldn’t light my fire,

My winter love waited alone,

Until finally you went on your way,

If you return there’s love I would give,

If your ice will melt away,


Remember the goals we shared,

As we reaped the dreams of gold,

We thought spring would always be here,

And we would never grow old,

Through the years our lives have changed,

We didn’t feed the fire and let our hearts grow cold,

If we once again let our imaginations flame,

We might rekindle what grew old.


13 thoughts on “The Winter of Our Love

  1. This was such a wonderful read. It was full of joy, happiness, eagerness, fire, love and lust and it made me feel warm and happy, but I started to feel the separation and cooling and it actually had me biting my lip and hoping that all would be renewed. I’ll admit that it made me cry at the end to see that a love had been lost. I’ve seen this so often, but I’ve also seen love reclaimed, renewed. In spite of the ending, there was still hope there.
    Once again, wonderful!

  2. My grandmother told me that love is a garden and it’s absolutely crucial to tend to it on a daily basis. I fully agree with her. The seasons of love affect everyone in much the same way as you’ve written here. Not everyone has the insight to tend to its needs. This is a very nice piece. Thank you!

    • Too many people have gotten used to going to the store and buying, using and disposing. That’s today’s love. Your grandmother was wise.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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