Celebrating Christmas

christmas 2007

Image by paparutzi via Flickr


I often feel like I’m going the wrong way,

On a one-way street,

Dodging all the others who have a direction,

Whether it’s good or bad,

It doesn’t seem to matter,

I’m a salmon going downstream,

Wondering why others are in a frantic pace,

Fighting against the current,

Or maybe I’m the one who didn’t get the memo,

Or I got it too late,

Or the one who gets the lump of coal at Christmas,

Instead of fancy gifts,

Why do I feel I’m the only one,

Screaming alone, when I should be,

Celebrating Christmas.


This time of year,

I can change some of those feelings,

Of being alone,

Of being unwanted,

Or neglected,

I can give clothing to the needy,

Visit those who are in prison or who are sick,

Give food and drink to those who go hungry,

And I can really celebrate Christmas,

By doing things for others,

And become a positive force,

In my town, my country,

And in my world.





11 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas

  1. Yes, there sure is hope in there and selflessness too. Doing for others can help us take the attention off ourselves and our less-than-rewarding feelings about the holiday. I don’t participate in that frantic current either. No way!

    Gayle xo

  2. Well done Dan! Holidays and all the people in them are what we choose them to be and taking time for oneself can be the most important of all.

  3. Very well done. Christmas has always been so meaningful to me, but I think it would be wonderful if everyone would settle down and stop thinking about a commercialized Christmas, that just runs everyone ragged with worries about how we’ll pay for it later, and do simple and meaningful things. Feed and clothe the hungry, encourage those who are feeling hopeless and just listen to those that need to talk. Enjoyed reading this. Be blessed!


    • Thank you, Elizena, for your comments. Christmas IS about giving and should not be so much about receiving. It’s become too commercialized and not about doing for others.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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