That’s All I Need To Know

Once you captured my imagination,

You had such flair and style,

Words weren’t necessary then,

My heart fell with your smile,


Your liquid eyes held me

Suspended in time and space,

I was happy to be with you,

Anytime, anywhere, anyplace,


But now it’s time to go,


Your tantalizing body,

Still holds its appeal,

But it has lost its softness,

And your love seems so unreal,


Your arms don’t reach for me,

Your thoughts have gone astray,

Your kisses don’t have passion,

There’s less and less each day,


That’s all I need to know,


I can feel the cold vibrations,

Though I can’t see your heart,

But within your expression

I see our world falling apart,


When I say, “I’ll love you forever,

They’d be no other but you,”

You sigh and look away,

You don’t say, “I love you too,”


My picture is gone from its frame,

Another has taken my place,

You cry when you see my pain,

Love has left a trace,


That’s all I need to know.


2 thoughts on “That’s All I Need To Know

    • If I wrote and put in those deep dark feelings (utter despair),then I’d be writing about hell. There have been times when nothing was worthwhile, nothing seemed possible, and my world had fallen apart. Pam, in your darkest hour you draw strength from somewhere and hope resonates in your writing. Like you, I touch the dark side but I choose not to live there. You’re in my prayers.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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