Soul Mate Lost

A park bench.

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He was
covered with newspapers,

And on the
park bench he lay,

I woke him
up so I could sit down,

It was the
middle of the day,


“Son,” he
said, “you might think I’m a bum,

Because I
live this way in life,

But my life changed

Last year when
I lost my wife,”


“Years we loved

I can still
see her beautiful face,

We shared
all we said or did,

As we carved
from life our place,”


“Now I have
grown weary

Of being

Stop and
listen to me,

Just a
minute if you would, “


“People see
me talking to trees,

The moon,
the storms, the sky,

Or find me
walking the seashore alone,

And stop and
ask me why,”


“Thoughts of
her still linger,

Though it’s
been quite some while,

The days
have grown so dreary,

I’ve almost
forgotten her smile,”


“You’d think
I’d forget the way we were,

But when I
see two strolling hand in hand,

She’s there
and I still remember her,

No one seems
to understand,”


“And sometimes
when I hear a song,

For no
reason at all I break down and cry,

So tell me
please, what’s wrong with me,

My friends
won’t tell me why,”


“There are
other times I’m sad,

Like when
clouds cover the moon,

When birds
sing in the sunshine,

Or warm
sunny days in June,”


“She’s been
gone for such a long time,

But my life doesn’t
seem quite right,

I don’t like
the sounds of day,

And I hate
the quiet of night,”


“So tell me,
if you kindly would,

She’s the
only soul mate I wanted to find,

I don’t want
this to be misunderstood,

Have I
finally lost my mind?”


I assured
him he was perfectly sane,

That love
can be a reason to cry,

sensitive heart was a beautiful thing,

Then I shook
his hand and said goodbye,


I’ve thought
about him since that day,

And the
things I could have said,

I didn’t
stop long enough to help him,

So I try to
help others instead.



10 thoughts on “Soul Mate Lost

    • A broken heart can fill the imagination with all things beautiful. It’s a choice. I agree with you.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

    • Stories like this are all around and the lessons we could learn by listening are just waiting. I’m glad you liked the story. I’m hoping to find something humorous to write next.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

    • Having a soul mate is special, I’m told. I’ve seen what happens to others when they lose their mates. As for me I’ve been alone so long I’ve almost forgotten what love is all about.

    • Several stories are waiting but they seem to come in bunches, not in very good poetry form because the story seems to be more important. Thanks for your encouraging words. Sometimes I neglect the posts of others and therefore they stay away. Sorry if I’ve neglected yours.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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