The Cave of Heartbreaks

The Cave

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Where can I hide
when things go wrong,

In the cave
of heartbreaks I’ll sing my song,

When pressures
build at my place,

I need the
cave to establish my base,


I’ve traveled
far along this path,

Tripped over
trouble and felt its wrath,

But I’m
tired of wandering to and fro,

The cave I’m
seeking has eluded me though,


No place for
beauty or faithful friends,

No place
teeming with life or where rainbows end,

I’ve dreamed
of this darkness time or two,

In the cave
of heartbreaks, without love, without you.


5 thoughts on “The Cave of Heartbreaks

  1. The cave of heartbreaks is well-known for sure
    But its the darkness inside it that will always allure
    the broken, shattered hearts of glass
    that were once strong to take the chance
    to fall in love but now they’re insecure
    enough to walk into the darkness and stay in
    for their hearts to be filled with darkness and still
    they want to sleep on the cold floors
    surrounded by those empty-filled walls
    just to hear once again
    their coldest stories, their worst sins
    Great poem!

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