Why I’m Telling You Goodbye

After Tonight

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Your eyes
are focused on me,

I think
you’re waiting for me to say,

“I missed
you tonight,”

But you went
out when I asked you to stay,

Telling me I
would be there any old day,


My heart is
ready and eager to give in,

But my world
is already way out of whack,

I won’t cede
to your crazy whim,

Neither will
I argue and go off track,

I think my
pride will hold me back,


You made a
choice to seek him out,

Yes, I
missed you tonight,

But you
won’t hear my voice give doubt,

I’m not sure
if it’s wrong or right,

I’d much
rather be holding you tight,


But you
chose him and not me,

Oh, how I
wanted you tonight,

Yet I can
see how it’s got to be,

My heart is
breaking but I won’t fight,

I’ve got to
be somewhere out of your sight,


I’m not
willing to let you watch me cry,

For the last
time you left me high and dry,

Oh, how I
needed you tonight,

But a man
shouldn’t break down and cry,

That’s why
I’m telling you goodbye.”





6 thoughts on “Why I’m Telling You Goodbye

  1. heartbreak, and the reason why you’re left alone, to sit and cry….Goodbyes are always painful Dan, but always there’s a time when you have to face up to the fact that it’s not worth going on… Well written and described my friend. xPenx

    • It’s been so long since I’ve had someone to say goodbye to, I was just practicing. If you felt the sadness then I guess I still could say goodbye. Now my only goodbyes are to friends and pets that pass on.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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