Just Call Me Number Five

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If I didn’t
have siblings,

I wonder how life would be,

What names
would Mom,

Have called


She seemed
to forget,

Which name did
I get?

Was I older
or younger,

It didn’t
matter, her ways were set,


It became an
endless game,

When she
couldn’t remember my name,

What meaning
did I derive?

Mom, just
call me number five,


in between,

I was hardly
ever seen,

Six siblings
that did everything right,

So of course
I had to fight,


your name is, come here,

You shouldn’t have been scrapping there,

Like a bee
from a busy hive,

Mom, just
call me number five,


life I fought for fame,

Tried to get
people to remember my name,

But to the
inner circle of family and friends,

I was, you
know, that one, the one that grins,


Six great
siblings all with names,

Always around
for credit or blame,

Each of them
worthy to note with pride,

Their names
all shining, none to hide,


So if you
ask me I’d say I was special,

Probably one
of the luckiest men alive,

If you can’t
remember my name,

Just call
me, you know, number five.





6 thoughts on “Just Call Me Number Five

  1. HI there number 5, how’s you doing?… and hos number six?.. good… Poor Mother, having to remember all those names. no wonder she resorted to the number system 😀 Good one Dan.

    • Oh, no, she remembered my brothers’ names and the names of my sisters. I was either called Jerry or Jim, and I was neither of them. My brother Jim was the baby for ten years until my surprise sister came along and bumped him from his ranking. The number system worked better for me because I could always laugh about it and use it as a joke. I think my four sisters and my two brothers each thought he/she was number one. My ranking was somewhat lower.

  2. AW…. I thought it was sad! My mom was number four of six… I was number 10 of ten…. I think I’ll stick with just 1 or 2 (or 3 if I find myself rich someday)….
    But it probably isn’t her fault… My poor dad calls my toddler my name all the time and calls me, her name!
    …. A rose by any other name….

  3. What I really like about this is the hint of a song rhythm stealing the whole thing. Love it! My Dad would often stumble over our names when he was in a hurry, but would then turn and say, “Which one are you anyway?”, with a big old grin on his face. 🙂 Number five sounds alright to me. I was the oldest so I stuck out like a sore thumb.

    • I always thought it was funny. The other six were vying to be number one and I was content to be number 5. Sounds like this resonated with you.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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