Accidentally on Purpose (Part 4)

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Accidentally on Purpose
(Part 4) (conclusion)

Choice #11

Never having

Life was
really tough,

But at twelve I was ready to see,

What the
world had in store for me,

With the art
of sales I came to grips,

Because newspaper
subscriptions won trips,

commissions rewarded my work,

I didn’t
need much for my perks,

Then on to
bigger, better things,

Selling of
tractors, diamond rings,

I sold items
the customer didn’t really need,

I was caught
in a whirlwind of my own greed,

The three I’s,
Income, Independence, Impact,

something happen, a salesman’s facts,

I sold dreams
well because I was bold,

But I felt
in danger of losing my soul,

So I sold
out, didn’t hesitate,

(Of course
later I sold real estate),

Choice #12

Sculpted and
manicured, bushes and lawns,

As a teen I used my brains and my brawn,

Met with
clients and nursery personnel,

They could
trust me, things were going well,

Lined up my
customers for weekend spots,

A very rigid
schedule, right on the dot,

My business
was complicated and vying with sports,

I was
earning a reputation as a businessman of sorts,

There were
several men working for me,

Until off to
college I went, the world to see,

I’ve often wondered
what might have been,

But I’d make
the same choices all over again,

I left
preparing the grounds for preparing my mind,

But I enjoyed
working outdoors, I couldn’t leave it behind,

Choice #13

A sting
operation was in store for me,

Little did I
know I would be handling bees,

When I helped
a beekeeper they got under my skin,

What a
precarious occupation I soon found myself in,

It was
outdoor work which I enjoyed,

surrounded me and I was self-employed,

More than a
hobby, beekeeping was still part-time,

But I made
more income than teaching full-time.

I rented out
bees for pollination every spring,

Then queens
and package bees became my thing,

Honey was
the least profitable part on my list,

My three
phase business was angel kissed,

The bee
business survived flood and drought,

It was
humming along until divorce snuffed it out,

But then I
had time with my children to play,

I could
leave queens and things for another day,

Choice #14

There were
careers I said no because I had doubts,

I could have
made money, so what was that about?

My career
selection became a matter of the heart,

Becoming a
teacher was the best place to start,

students to live life abundantly became my fate,

I didn’t
need fame but I wanted my students to be great,

I won’t know
if they were successful in living their lives,

They’d be
too occupied adjusting their inner drives,

Someday when
our lives merge on some busy street,

What will
they tell me when we chance to meet?

I hope they smile
and point at me with pride,

And say, “Your
class was great, I enjoyed the ride,”

From lower
grades to middle, on through high school,

They knew if
they tried, failure was against my rule,

And those
who pushed for the higher grades,

Could pick
and choose college or trades,

For careers
were not mine alone to choose,

In this game
students could win or lose,

After many
long years I gave up the daily grind,

I didn’t
want to be searching for my long lost mind,

Career Choice

Writing is
something I would do in shade or sun,

It was
therapeutic, calming, my idea of fun,

I was
painting a picture, only with words,

My stories
would wander about like tipsy birds,

I wrote news
articles, short stories, even two books,

Not much
would sell, editors wouldn’t look,

But words
kept oozing out my pores,

And I kept writing
poems by the scores,

Life was
crazy as I was dragged through life’s dirt,

I tried to
keep busy and laugh when I hurt,

parent and lonely, occupations galore,

I decided to
write about life and forget keeping score,

I have a website
shopping mall along with my posts,

I get to
write poems to draw visitors and I am the host,

books?  I hope someday to publish a few,

My writing
is my life that changed as it grew,

Poetry and
stories are waiting to be told,

I’ve got to
release them, I’ve got to be bold,

It’s my
final frontier that I’ll have to face,

There are so
many stories to write I’ll have to race,

For a writer
with stories that he just has to tell,

Will drive
him insane, as you know quite well.


10 thoughts on “Accidentally on Purpose (Part 4)

  1. I have truly enjoyed this series of poems, Dan. What fun to have lived so many jobs within a lifetime. I felt like I was reading a portion of my own life as I have worked many this lifetime, also.
    I like what you said about the writing. I think I could paint pictures forever so I can understand your wanting to do so with words. Thank you for sharing these poems. Maybe, just maybe you had to experience all those things to better paint pictiures with words, now. 🙂

    • After dabbling in so many occupations it’s much easier to write. It’s like having a toolbox in front of me, or in your case a palette with extra colors. I enjoyed your beautiful house, especially all the stages you so well explained. My house is beautiful, large, but no roses grow in front. I have to clean it in stages and I’ve just about decided it’s time to either rent out rooms or downsize to a much smaller house. I do see the need for a basement or safe room and I hate to give up my suspended garage.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

      • My house is the same, Dan. I have to clean the house in stages and mow the lawn in stages, also. We will move when we absolutley have to, right? 🙂 Until then? I am enjoying every minute.

      • There’s always a moment of truth when decisions have to be made. My three kids are urging me to move back to CA. The house is great and I like the area but I am tempted at times

        May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

  2. Yes! Writing is the final frontier for us, isn’t it?

    I loved this, Dan. Amazing how we go through different lines of work. This one harkens back to my own days in employment and training – many years – so I doubly appreciated it. Nice work. Heart felt and honest. Thank you for posting it.

    If you come to California you’ll be trading tornadoes for earthquakes. Pick your poison as the saying goes!!!


    • There is no easy place to be. Tornadoes here in Missouri are pretty nasty. And earthquakes–in 8112 huge earthquake in southern part of state and Mississippi River. It cfould happen again. I’ve had fun throughout my life although I can only say that after looking back. In the heat of the battle some situations seem hopeless. Regrets? I wish I’d pursued writing more, written down more, discovered my inner resources, been on top of internet/web inventions, etc.

  3. To have been able to compare so many occupations, and be able to then say, writing, reading and the written word is all important, as it lives in our imagination, our hearts and our minds. It also continues to grow with each passing day, we all contribute in our own way. Lovely and informative series of poems Dan. xPenx

    • Ah, Pen, you’re so perceptive and kind. You sure know how to give encouragement. I really appreciate your comments.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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