Accidentally on Purpose (Part 3)

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Choice #7

I had a
burning desire to be,

A fireman with little concern for fame,

But I would have chances to control,

The roaring
fires and dancing flames,

excitement of saving property and lives,

sirens down the street,

I didn’t think
I’d need anything more,

To make my
life complete,

The daily
routines of clean and polish,

Continued practice
of life saving skills,

Nerves on
edge waiting for calls,

Cool and
calm between the drills,

A gruff
lieutenant got on my case,

He wanted my
learning faster to be,

But I had a
sensitive side,

And I didn’t
like him barking at me,

I flamed out
and lost my cool,

I wasn’t
going to be anybody’s fool,

A jack of
all trades, a master of none,

I hadn’t
settled down, I was still having fun,

Choice #8

I was still
thinking music,

And learning
piano and guitar,

I had messages
of love to give,

I hadn’t
thought about being a star,

Yet the
stage was pulling me,

I could be
an actor strutting about,

But my
acting was soon questioned,

And my
stuttering left no doubt,

As an actor
I didn’t get far,

I was just
another example,

Of a brief
shooting star,

Choice #9

I was a
guest on a radio show,

For newspapers
I was a hit,

Perhaps I
could be a newsman,

My career—I had
finally found it,

I covered
fires and crimes,

stories were very easy,

But one
thing bothered me a lot,

made me queasy,

In smoke
filled rooms an hour to write,

I rushed to
get my stories in,

But wait!
When a new story was breaking,

My stories
were shoved aside again!

When my
articles were completely done,

I would
proudly hand them in,

An editor
would slice them up,

No point
arguing, I knew I’d never win,

When I had a
better understanding,

Of what I needed
to do,

My articles
were allowed to run,

And I had a
byline too,

But like all
good things,

This finally
came to an end,

The local
newspaper folded,

And I lost
my editor friend,

This career
path I enjoyed,

But now I
was unemployed,

Choice #10

hands and kissing babies,

I never knew
what would ensue,

I wanted to
tell voters what they wanted to hear,

Instead of
saying what was true,

When I
thought I wanted to be a politician,

I forgot my
problem with lies,

I just
couldn’t keep a straight face,

The truth
was there in my eyes,

PAC’s, voter
blocs, all wanted an exclusive promise,

That I’d
vote for their particular sin,

They wanted
a promise that I’d love them forever,

campaign funds would start trickling in,

People everywhere
think there’s no use,

When politicians
don’t even seem to try,

But if
politicians tell the truth they’ll have no excuse,

It’s much easier
to defend a lie,

I missed my
chance for office and fame,

I was told I
should play the game,

But I’d
rather be poor and unknown,

And still be
proud of my name,

(To be


9 thoughts on “Accidentally on Purpose (Part 3)

  1. I have been through many of the same things as these Dan just trying to find my way but doesn’t it seem so natural when the right path lays out! Still very adventurous though.Seems like a new world every day!take care.

    • The one thing I vowed not to do was become a teacher. 45 years later, retired twice as a teacher…..41 years in CA and 4 in MO, and I’m still tutoring. Things I wanted to do—newsman or weatherman, fireman, author,—author is still an option but life is getting in the way. I figure I’ll be going through bankruptcy soon and all its disruptions. So I’ll be homeless as well as alone and broke. I think I’ll still be able to write and keep up a couple of websites. As well as the blogs I have a site savings2envy dot com which makes a little money–very little—but it has potential. Every day is special and unique and I’m still kicking. If I can avoid some storms, tornadoes, financial, health, mental, etc. then I’ll be okay. But that’s another story. Glad you’re still out there alive and well. I see your comments sometimes on FB and it gives me a reason to smile.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

    • I’ve cut my list down but still have five more occupations, four that I dabbled in most of my life. Dabbled in is not an apppropriate term. Salesman off and on for many years, landscaper for a few years, beekeeping for 25 years, teacher 45 years. Occupations like coach or farmer or EMT or campaign manager were blended into related occupations. Four parts was enough. Now I’m retired except for my online business—-savings2envy dot com which so far has not been profitable and is always under construction. I get a small % of things bought. dan

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

  2. Caught between the physical and financial. Me too! Sigh … when I look back though, it’s been mostly a good ride. Maybe you should consider California. You’d be near your kids. It’s expensive in some ways – especially compared to your area, I would guess – but on the other hand, you don’t need a year-round wardrobe, I never have the heat on, there are plenty of public gardens and parks that are accessible all year and that make it easier to be in an apartment, assuming mobility. Subsidized housing for seniors and disabiled is short, but depending on where you land you may find reasonably priced rentals … though have no idea how it would compair to Kansas. Farmer’s markets (May through October) makes for cheap eats as long as you don’t go to the one in SF. Several major medical hospitals in both Southern and Northern California, though Northern seems best: UCSF Med Center (my preference) and Stanford. Not too sure about UC Davis. UCLA in the south. But you know the drill. You lived here for longer than there.

    Blessings to you as you make the hard decisions, Dan.

    • It doesn’t really matter where I live, I can make good or bad decisions wherever. It’s this stage of life when each day brings new surprises, some that I didn’t prepare for. And over the years I’ve had to learn things the hard way. Still learning.

      • That’s an offer I couldn’t turn down. My son is trying to get me to fly to S.F. and drive up to Crescent City. He’s all businessman and neat and I’m a gruff country boy. I’m not sure what my plans look like right now. My health goes through stages when I’m great and then when I drag. I’ll keep you in mind.

        May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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