While Blossoms Are Exploding

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The air is alive with angels as they are gathering,

 Sweet nectar from the blossoms exploding,

Don’t you hear them humming and singing?

 I do, but I am under the trees quietly lying,

As they zip about, to and fro, always watching,

Even in the trees their shadows are glowing,

Occasionally one will stop to see how I’m doing,

Then about her work she’ll be going,

I’ll try not to notice when pollen is sticking,

And shiny and golden in the sky they’re flying,

The pollen looking like gold dust as they’re shaking,

As they return spinning to earth I’m laughing,

About the beauty of spring they’re still praising,

It’s such a joy, don’t you think, to be listening,

 As they hum and sing while blossoms are exploding?

Secret Identity

Who am I in real life?

How do I struggle with poverty and strife?

Do I need a mask to stand against wrong,

Or can I be myself and still be strong?

Do I need a special cape to take a chance,

Or do I know what to do and take my stance?

Should I step from the shadows and make a choice,

Or hesitate to see if someone else will raise his voice?

I choose to love others, even give up my life,

Joining the battle against poverty and strife,

I don’t need a secret identity to help one or two,

I will be there for someone, maybe it’s you.

Frozen in Full Bloom

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The cherry trees were in full bloom,

A swath of pink blossoms too early, too soon,

It has only been a week since the snow fell,

And my life changed from heaven into a cold hell,

Why am I lying here staring into that soft pink?

Why do I feel so paralyzed that it’s hard to even think?

Why is it that the things that should be so very right,

Become issues of the heart, wounds and tears in the night?

I cannot close my eyes for I see you now with him,

Remember my rage when I said he couldn’t be your friend?

Of course, you didn’t know that I was suspicious long ago,

And followed you one night as you braved the driving snow,

“Off to take care of my sick sister, her temperature is so high,”

You whispered you loved me and then kissed me goodbye,

Of course, the cherry trees were budding, covering up your lie,

They were promising spring too early, Somehow I could tell,

And your pink lips looking inviting, inviting me to hell,

Did you think my love was too thin, like the ice upon the pond?

Or did his love touch your heart, and fuel your fires to bond?

Did you think I would stand idly by, while you took your time to choose?

 I’ve got my pride, I don’t think I’ll wait, even if I lose,

You say you will always love me even though you don’t really “love” me,

He added spice to your life, made your love easy to feel and see,

But should you decide you need stability, just ring my warning bell,

With flowers and sweets I’ll escort you down, to my life in my cold, cold hell.

The Three Visions

World vision.
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 I’ve been having visions that fill my night,

The past and the future, each was an awesome sight,

But the present time, as the world was displayed,

Much was in disorder, I was terribly dismayed,

The First Vision:  The Past

Caretakers were here since time began,

Preparing a place for woman and man,

Their wings whirring, whirring, stirring the air,

Each molecule and atom placed with care,

Frolicking in the new oceans and streams,

Rowdy by day, but tiptoeing through dreams,

Tending the flower gardens day and night,

Patchworks of color everywhere in sight,

Setting in motion perfect harmony,

Rhythms of earth, the heavens, and sea,

These caretakers were angels selected,

Keeping the world from being neglected,

There was plenty of space for sounds of life,

All was peaceful and calm, there was no strife,

Vision Two:  The Present

Then the earth was given to mankind,

A present to see if we could find,

All the secrets that were hidden in the air,

And beneath the waters everywhere,

The world took on human face and form,

In my vision everything seemed norm,

A beautiful woman, young and fair,

Skin shining and smooth, she had lustrous hair

I should have warned her but I could not speak,

As mankind approached, his conscience weak,

He raped and beat her, left her for dead,

Scarred and bleeding, hair ripped from her head,

The angels watched in horror as she met disgrace,

But there was much more that took place,

 She was kicked and stabbed while still down,

And left lying there, helpless, on the ground,

I was stunned until I saw her changing again,

The world reappeared, her wounds were plain,

She had rips and scars, Areas full of trash,

She had been exploited and ravaged, all for cash,

Vision Three:  The Future

The world had been cleaned of garbage and filth,

Mankind was trying to improve her health,

Her wounds were treated, her nutrients restored,

She was healing nicely, and not ignored,

The angels had returned to ease the way,

In charge of keeping evil at bay,

The world needed heroes to stand and be strong,

To protect her from the greedy who would do her wrong,

The world needs poets who will write and shout,

We can no longer be silent while the world cries out.

When A Parent Leaves

My daughter’s tears greet me,

So I decide to be grimly silent,

Rather than probe and see,

What she harbors and doesn’t vent,

Perhaps this time it’s much the same,

With time suspended in her world,

I think she’ll tell me I am to blame,

For all the troubles that were unfurled,

Nothing is spoken as she stares,

While the tension between us builds,

Should I tell her I still care,

And try to break through her tearful shield?

Her teddy bear is tight within her grasp,

As she endures time that slips away,

All the reasons I left are under clasp,

Waiting to be discussed on another day.

Give Me Time To Earn My Wings

An Angel
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Are you the angel I talk to at night?

You’re right at my side when I turn out the light,

I encourage you to listen but I ignore what you say,

And yet you’re expected to guide me the “right” way,

I should be quiet for awhile and listen to you,

But I’m only human, so what else can I do?

I should be wiser and hold your words dear,

Because you speak the truth, I should have nothing to fear,

When you leave for a moment even in the night,

My heart watches for you, and keeps you in sight,

Are you the angel that hovers during the day?

Fanning me with your wings, keeping the heat away,

You’re playful as you flit and twirl around,

While I can only imagine my feet off the ground,

You’re forgiving when my words hurt deep,

 I don’t really want to give you reasons to weep,

But you’re one of the angels assigned to me,

Shielding me from demons protectively,

They’re always close by, urging me to run,

“Escape from your angel and have some fun,”

“Freely enjoying without someone holding you back,”

“You don’t have to stay on that one way track,”

The demons forget I’ve walked on that side,

I’ve scars and bruises all over my pride,

I eluded my angels while demons preened my vanity,

But like a prodigal son I returned to my sanity,

Worse for the wear, out of the muck and grime,

I stay closer to my angels, so much wiser this time,

I don’t always listen to those angelic voices,

And I blame only myself for unwise choices,

My angels guide me to those in need across the land,

And show me ways my heart can expand,

Are you one of those angels who’s constantly sharing,

And teaching me ways I can still be caring?

Whether an angel extraordinaire and wise,

Or still earning your wings while in human guise,

You’ve been patiently waiting while wisdom I acquire,

Becoming steel at last, hardened by the fire,

So if you’re my personal angel, or one of a troop,

Make way, I’m trying, to become one of your group,

For I like angels, butterflies, and fluttery things,

Just give me time to earn my wings.

They Exist

there is always an angel around you
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Though sometimes in the shadow,

Waiting for a chance to bestow,

Pearls of wisdom and awards too,

Some for me and some for you,

There are angels in our midst,

Yes, these angels really exist,

As poets and writers emerge,

These angels encourage and urge,

All authors to write about life,

From the depths of strife,

Or tell of demons in the night,

Who escaped when you decided to fight,

Describe the inner beauty of a child,

Mountains of snow or weather mild,

Sensitive we poets are,

Afraid of criticism and words that scar,

Yet we are joined at the heart,

Filling the net with our art,

There are angels who say,

What I need to hear on a very bad day,

“Good job, great work, we like you,

Please submit another poem, too.”

“Because you are unique in what you say,

Please stop and visit another day,”

I don’t hear the fluttering of wings,

But I know a lot about these things,

Kind words in the world are sometimes rare,

But the angels among us really care,

Trying to touch all with words of gold,

And helping newer angels their wings unfold,

Who are these angels, you ask of me?

Their presence is very plain to see,

For in their comments are jewels and gold,

Encouraging, urging, with words so bold.

Frozen in Ice (Part Four)

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(The Conclusion) 

Was there any way she could be satisfied and find ways to cope?

Was her love so shallow that nothing could make her feel?

Or had her marriage deteriorated so much, there was no hope?

Had her imagination confused imaginary love for one that was real?

Could she settle for her family? Which meant work and no play,

Her husband was security, but offered little romance and no spice,

Was she willing to risk tomorrow for the pleasures of today,

Or stay in her long-time marriage, her heart frozen in ice?

When her husband confronted her, he’d had some time to think,

She wept and sobbed profusely, and said she didn’t want to live,

He said, “We’ll get though this together, we’ll repair the broken link,

We’ll keep our heads held high, and both of us have much to forgive,”

But Rhonda could imagine the vicious rumors she would have to face,

“Our marriage is dead, there’s no excitement and I can’t endure another day,”

Behind her back her friends would laugh, none would give her any grace,

“I love you,” she told her husband, “but only in a superficial way,”

 “I know it will be difficult,” he said, “but I know we can make it work,

It won’t be easy to undo the anger, the hurts, the fear, the blame,

If we don’t neglect each other, and our promises we do not shirk,

If we just share our feelings, our love will have a chance to flame,”

He wanted to be understanding, he wanted this marriage to succeed,

But Rhonda had tasted the wild life, pleasure had opened the gate,

“I’ve been too confined at home,” she stated, “my emotions have been freed,

Someday I might be the wife for you, but for now I want to date,”

Rhonda moved to the city, where she could start her life anew,

Rhonda is much happier now, her new job is better too,

She’s discovering her inner self again, which was long overdue,

She isn’t accountable to anyone, she does what she wants to do,

Her husband and kids struggle on, doing their very best,

They’ve become a closer family group, on each other they rely,

They don’t talk often about their mom, those thoughts are suppressed,

In the evenings, when their chores are done, they sit around and cry.

Frozen in Ice (Part Three)

Cover of "Forgiveness"
Cover of Forgiveness

 In the wee hours David took her home, but he didn’t wait around,

The house was dark, not even one light, to welcome her return,

She went from room to room, but no one could be found,

If her husband and children were gone, where could she turn?

She found a note on the kitchen table, upon it was written her name,

“The kids are safe at your mother’s, but I decided to take a trip,

One of my friends went to the dance, he told me of your shame,

I couldn’t believe my wife, my angel, had finally lost her grip,”

“I’m sorry you don’t love me anymore, I’m sorry I let you down,

I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, I need some space to live,

I wanted to discuss this all with you, but you brought your love to town,

I know I won’t forget this night, but I’m trying hard to forgive,”

Rhonda’s heart was pounding as reality struck her with terrible force,

She had always held her husband accountable for every small mistake,

Forgiveness was not her strong point and now she was filled with remorse,

Could he ever forgive her for what she’d done, what action would he take?

Emotionally and physically she had neglected her husband’s needs,

In return, he had numbed himself to all matters of the heart,

Was it too late to repair their love and forgive any wayward deeds?

Rhonda was ready for counseling, to give her marriage a new start,

Her husband was not sure that he was willing to reconcile,

Their relationship was empty, love had leaked slowly away,

He, too, had felt neglected, they had not made love for awhile,

Could he forgive her? Or did he need to make her pay?

There are consequences for her actions, she’s lost her self-respect,

She’d like to forget and forgive herself, for the night she lost control,

But David’s face often appears, when she’s lonely and feels neglect,

And her face flames with sudden rush, as she remembers his body bold,

Did she really mean forever, that she would never do any wrong?

Oh, the decisions she has to make, to keep from going back,

Is it worth all the work to keep her relationship strong?

Or should she take the easy way out, and get the love she lacks?

(To Be Continued)

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