While Blossoms Are Exploding

Cherry blossoms (sakura), often simply called ...

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The air is alive with angels as they are gathering,

 Sweet nectar from the blossoms exploding,

Don’t you hear them humming and singing?

 I do, but I am under the trees quietly lying,

As they zip about, to and fro, always watching,

Even in the trees their shadows are glowing,

Occasionally one will stop to see how I’m doing,

Then about her work she’ll be going,

I’ll try not to notice when pollen is sticking,

And shiny and golden in the sky they’re flying,

The pollen looking like gold dust as they’re shaking,

As they return spinning to earth I’m laughing,

About the beauty of spring they’re still praising,

It’s such a joy, don’t you think, to be listening,

 As they hum and sing while blossoms are exploding?


5 thoughts on “While Blossoms Are Exploding

    • I used to see them more often when I ws beekeeping in California. I’ve heard they’re rare in Missouri. Weather is too erratic.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

  1. Simply amazing, I’ve read your blog so many times, it was an honour to see your name in my comments, and to know that you liked my writing was even better! Thank you, and you are an amazing writer.

  2. love springtime the trees just waking up and evryone tidying the gardens for long warm nights outside enjoying the heat and the sounds of the summer loved the poem xxjen

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