When Love is Shallow, But Other Times Deep

The Loving Kind

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When Love is Shallow, But Other Times Deep

Although Amanda and I were married way too young,

 She’s still great and I insist her praises should be sung,

 But she’s really tired sometimes and I have needs,

Everyone knows a man is supposed to spread his seed,

I knew Amanda and I should be honest from the first day,

That there were things I needed to say,

I didn’t want misunderstandings, or her to have pain,

So I figured if the air was cleared, we’d both gain,

We cuddled, loved, kissed, and talked,

But when she complained too much I walked,

Right out to my car and down to the bar,

After a few drinks I wished upon the brightest star,

That’s when the idea hit me, it really made sense,

Two people always together becomes way too intense,

I make good money, and if I used my head,

There’s no reason to fight when I could be loving instead,

On my next business trip I met Kristi and liked her a lot,

She was witty and charming, but she was also distraught,

Her fiance had broken their engagement so drinks I bought,

She wanted my advice so I told her what I thought,

“The pain of a breakup is one of the worst in your life,

Memories of the good times cut your heart like a knife,”

I told her she should go where her hurting heart led,

We talked and we drank, and I took her to bed,

We made love several times throughout the night,

And when the sun came up it still felt right,

“You’re beautiful,” I told her again and again,

“This is a good way for your new life to begin,”

“You can’t stop loving because when it feels right,

You see the world differently, in a special kind of light,”

We talked about our desires and our future plans,

A few sales trips later I put a diamond on her hand,

(To Be Continued)


4 thoughts on “When Love is Shallow, But Other Times Deep

    • I don’t like the cheating either, but that’s the way the story is taking me. Strange how that works sometimes. Thanks for your encouragement.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

  1. sometimes you need to go off track to find yourself and what’s important, really important to you. Waiting for the next installment Dan, and I know I won’t be disappointed … You have a wonderful descriptive story style… xPenx

    • The characters are still deciding which way to turn, and perhaps they’ll never learn, for the plot gets more complicated as each person has a say, it would have been finished long ago if I had it my way, and part two or part three, is beginning to tug at me, pulling up people I’ve known in the past, stretching and moving waaaaaaay too fast.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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