I Chose To Love You

I Chose To Love You

I chose to love you,

Not because you were perfect,

Or because I wanted to connect,

But because I first liked you,

For being the person you are,

I saw the way you treated others,

Like everyone was a sister or brother,

You were never haughty or mean,

You were the kindest person I’d seen,

You never gave up, never were daunted,

The way you asked for what you wanted,

Never demanding or criticizing,

Trying to manipulate or confronting,

Demands stop the flow of love, you stated,

While requests give love a chance to relate,

You turned out to be quite a gem,

You accepted me for who I am,

So I made a choice to love you,

When I was being abusive,

You weren’t reclusive,

You stood your ground,

And wouldn’t let me put you down,

You told me you loved me too much,

To be treated badly,

It wouldn’t be good for me or for you,

It would turn out sadly,

 You had too much self respect,

And too much respect for me,

To let our relationship just be,

You held me accountable,

And made me better than I was,

I chose to love you,

Your kisses waited for me,

You gave me space to be free,

Without being smothered,

You let me take your love,

Like a fish takes the bait and runs,

But once I tired of running,

You reeled me in,

Letting me think I was still free,

But I was too much in love,

And glad you chose me.

You Are Unique!

Sigmund Freud
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You are Unique

You are unique, I’ve told you many times,

I want to convince you that destiny awaits,

And at a certain moment you will be there,

When destiny flings open your special gates,

Allow yourself to think and dream,

Run with the wind and feel its power,

Use every precious moment in your grasp,

Life is too swift to waste even one hour,

Voices may tell you to keep both feet on the ground,

Don’t listen! you don’t have to be planted yet,

Keep dreaming and feeling, listening and seeing,

And the expectations of others try to forget,

Don’t do what you’ve been told you have to do,

Absorb from the stars their creativity and light,

You don’t have to be someone’s clone,

Be an individual, you have the obligation and right,

If you give up your goals too soon, my friend,

Your growth will be stunted and you’ll not touch the sky,

You’ll forget the commitment you made to yourself,

You will lose value in your own mind’s eye,

It takes courage to walk where others fear to go,

Pain and hurt are necessary for you to grow,

Mistakes are just steps to reach a higher plain,

Keep reaching and trying, you’ve everything to gain.

The Fairy Queen and Me

Prince Arthur and the Fairy Queen
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The Fairy Queen, and Me

Upon my steed I stared at the sea,

Watching the waves pound mercilessly,

While the wind hurled sea drops with glee,

I shook my fist and yelled, “You can’t conquer me!”

The salt was on my beard, my eyes, my face,

I was ready to leave this forlorn place,

When a slight movement caught my eye,

And there she was, the fairy queen,

Perched on a jagged rock between earth and sky,

She didn’t have to turn and look,

To know that I was there,

For at that moment heaven shook,

When she was captured by my stare,

Slowly she shifted and raised one arm,

Pointing to the sea,

“I come here often, my lord,

For the ocean’s power refreshes, wouldn’t you agree?”

Those words said, she looked at me,

And her eyes locked with mine,

The world stood still while my heart danced,

There was no concept of time,

To fall in love with the fairy queen,

Was dangerous and tempted fate,

But her eyes, her face, her hair, it was wildly intimate,

Though raging fires burned within,

I noticed she shivered,

She was soaked to the skin,

Her thin gown blocked nothing from my view,

My mind raced, “What shall I do?”

Aroused in ways I could not explain,

I lowered my gaze before I went insane,

Then I strode to her side and covered her with my cloak,

I held her, warming her, because she was soaked,

Gently I sat her upon my horse,

Her powers were weak, she had lost the force,

I walked beside as she rode,

She pointed out a different road,

“My lord, if you’ll take me to yon oak tree,

My fairies will reward you, wait and see!”

She stretched and arched,

Her breasts taut against the gown,

My breathing was labored, my voice became coarse,

“My lord,” she whispered, “do you need to ride the horse?”

Her full ripe lips formed a grin,

And in spite of myself I smiled within,

My lady, be careful what you say,

My heart could be easily broken by you today,”

We reached a meadow where a great oak tree,

Was surrounded by fairies, dancing with glee,

“She’s returned, she’s home!” I heard a wee voice shout,

“We’ll dance in a circle until the moonlight is out,”

“My lord,” the fairy queen whispered, “I got cold by the sea,

I want to be warm, come lie with me,”

“My lady, I can only stay until dawn,

Then I need to keep moving on,

I’ve lost my kingdom for awhile,

Until I’m allowed to return from exile,”

“Oh, sire, join with me,

What a team we could be,

We’ll teach you well to stay out of sight,

And with magic, a new way to fight,

Sometimes we’ll love wild and free,

Sometimes sensual and tenderly,”

How could I resist her offer to combine,

To claim her love, and reclaim what was mine?

The fairy queen changed my outlook then,

And prepared me for new adventures to begin.

Things Worth Living For

Hong Kong Disneyland, Tarzan tree house by Dave Q
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Things Worth Living For

I hope somebody plants trees,

When I was young I loved the breeze

From high in the sky,

I think I could have taught Tarzan how to fly,

I hope there is grass, lots of grass,

I loved the feeling of grass beneath my feet,

And mud between my toes was a treat,

I loved the massages earth gave my feet,

I’m always trying to worry less and love more,

Trying to guess what’s in store,

I think I’ll just love until I can love no more,

The world is bigger than my dreams,

I want to go where I’ve never been,

See places I’ve never seen,

Someplace where it’s green and clean,

I want to see everything with fresh eyes,

Perhaps now and then with surprise,

Taking nothing for granted, not even my name,

For I know things change and never remain the same,

I want to show respect for others in all ways,

It may not lengthen my days,

But somebody may help me out of my maze,

And I can go back to loving more,

And that’s worth living for,

The freedom to climb trees, feel the breeze,

Feel the mud between my toes,

Going across the world,

And it won’t matter how it goes,

I want to respect others and love more,

And that’s worth living for.

Christmas on Display

Perfume Shalimar
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Christmas on Display

It is a magical time when adults are children again,

Excitement is in the air; it’s time for the season to begin,

The world is made new with snow, carols, and lights,

It is a time for smiles, curiosity, new found delights,

As shoppers browse and look down every aisle,

They think of loved ones and what could bring smiles,

Each gift, real and imagined, is eagerly sought,

Checked off and compared, before it is bought,

Perfumes, delicately misted on the inside of wrists,

Waft fragrances of desire, evoke love to exist,

Shirt and tie combinations with matching hues,

Suggest dinner engagements and ocean cruise,

Adults use magic to impress with fancy things,

Diamonds and gold, expensive watches and rings,

Lingerie is checked for eye-catching appeal,

For lovers unsure how much skin to reveal,

It is a time of seeing the world through others’ eyes,

But the goal is keeping love alive, not the surprise,

New beginnings for some or memories of times past,

The season for showing love is here; the die is cast,

Love’s awesome power, which holds so much sway,

Will be represented by gifts, all on display.

Telling Lies at Christmas

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Telling Lies at Christmastime

Mark asked, “What’s your name?”                                                         

My son looked at him with a sparkle in his eye,

This was going to be a fun game,

George. If you ask me again,

I’ll tell you the same,”

My son was smiling and having some fun,

I couldn’t see how that would hurt anyone,

But Bill took exception and looked Richard in the eye,

“You’re going to hell for telling a lie,”

I was shocked at Bill’s words for they were so strong,

Did he really believe that teasing was so wrong?

Bill turned to Mark and quickly said,

“I think you’d better head on to bed,

It’s Christmas Eve, did you forget the date?

Santa won’t come if you’re up too late!”

“I’m sorry, dad, Mark whispered (because he truly believed).

Santa was still coming, Mark was so relieved,

Fantasy was one thing, and truth was another,

Bill’s perception of lies was between one and the other,

Despite Bill’s protests I left in a huff,

Friend or no friend, I’d heard enough,

On the way home I explained to my son,

“Our words should not be used to hurt someone,

Respecting others is one of our goals,

I don’t care if you believe in the North Pole,

A Christmas Fairy with a magic wand,

The Magic Kingdom or deer that can fly,

Is that all in fun or just telling lies,

Allowing others to dream and have some fun,

Why should we want to hurt anyone?

Santa is a fun story to tell to the young,

To see their eyes light up when stockings are hung,

When you were teasing I didn’t think there was harm,

Especially for Bill to shout an alarm,

I’ll be expecting Bill to apologize,

Unless he can prove that reindeer fly,

Otherwise he was the one telling a lie.”

Christmas is not a Time for Peace

Christmas is not a time for peace,

But a time for waging war,

There are homeless in the trenches,

Amid the blood and gore,

So go where you’ve never been,

Let your kindness roar,

Who will heed the cries for help,

From the meek and mild?

Who will force the abusers away,

From the defenseless child?

Go where you’ve never been,

Let your conscience run wild,

Christmas is not a time for peace,

But a time to speak out,

Against laxity, oppression, discrimination,

And without any doubt,

Against poverty, waste, disease, and crime,

The four horsemen of death,

This day should be a day to battle,

Until the last fleeting breath,

Do what you’ve never done,

Until the battle’s won,

Let the battle cries ring loud and true,

As we stamp out fear,

We can make this the most special time,

To wipe away the tears,

Do more than you’ve ever done,

To bring some Christmas cheer,

What if you and I could change history,

By doing what we can,

What if we changed the lives of a few,

And created a peaceful strand,

We could do more than we’ve ever done,

To make this the promised land,

 Christmas could be a time of joy,

Because we did so much more,

Dreams of peace could take root and grow,

Instead of dreams of war.

Bring on the Luge!

Bring on the Luge!

My life has not been an easy path,

I’ve ridden a luge,

Not so much in competition,

But a fast paced life riding up the walls,

And to the edge,

Afraid to catch my breath,

Thinking each one might be my last,

I’m living too fast,

Dragging my feet at times,

Trying to slow this frantic pace,

Telling myself it’s not a race,

Then down again across,

 The main part of the chute,

 And up, up, up the other side,

Life’s too narrow, not very wide,

I want to stop,

And see the view,

But what can I do?

Barely in control,

It’s an auto pilot I need,

But as I pick up speed,

White knuckles and screams,

Plans and dreams,

Whiz past,


So fast,

I have just long enough,

To contemplate the end,

And I grin,

For I’ve taken a luge,

For a spin,

And if I could,

I’d go once again,

And this time,

Let it fly,

Holding my hands way up high,


So fast,

Bring it on!

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