Christmas on Display

Perfume Shalimar

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Christmas on Display

It is a magical time when adults are children again,

Excitement is in the air; it’s time for the season to begin,

The world is made new with snow, carols, and lights,

It is a time for smiles, curiosity, new found delights,

As shoppers browse and look down every aisle,

They think of loved ones and what could bring smiles,

Each gift, real and imagined, is eagerly sought,

Checked off and compared, before it is bought,

Perfumes, delicately misted on the inside of wrists,

Waft fragrances of desire, evoke love to exist,

Shirt and tie combinations with matching hues,

Suggest dinner engagements and ocean cruise,

Adults use magic to impress with fancy things,

Diamonds and gold, expensive watches and rings,

Lingerie is checked for eye-catching appeal,

For lovers unsure how much skin to reveal,

It is a time of seeing the world through others’ eyes,

But the goal is keeping love alive, not the surprise,

New beginnings for some or memories of times past,

The season for showing love is here; the die is cast,

Love’s awesome power, which holds so much sway,

Will be represented by gifts, all on display.


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