Harvest of Dreams

Harvest of Dreams

I could say the world is fractured,

Spinning crazily out of control,

With floods, disease, and death,

Corrupt governments with no soul,

How can I find words of gratitude,

For the blessings I have received,

When voices wounded and angry,

Are saying they have been deceived,

I could say I’ve been lucky,

With family, health, and a job,

And ignore the world’s pitiful wail,

As it’s trampled by a mob,

There are shocking glimpses of truth,

With media and words of pleading,

They resonate deep within the soul,

It’s hard to stop the bleeding,

From out of chaos I will rise above,

Blessing others on destiny’s road,   

One step forward, one day at a time,

I’ll help lighten someone’s load,

Soothing answers though are not enough,

To stop the destruction and greed,

So I will climb over the walls,

To help someone in need,

I cannot forget the troubles of the world,

While I listen to the anguished cries,

During this season I’ll give of myself,

I’ll reach out as the needs arise,

What can I do? I’m just one, you know,

That will show that I’ve been blessed,

I’ll give thanks for all I’ve received,

But service for others will be my test,

I can’t tune the world out,

Just to let beauty come in,

But I can work to change myself,

Starting with my heart within,

Every day is a harvest of dreams,

When I ease the plight of another,

The things once said could not be done,

Are possible when I work with others.


6 thoughts on “Harvest of Dreams

  1. I have to say, out of the poems I have read by you, this is ceritanly my favorite. I enjoy the idea of ‘harvesting a dream’, and if I may offer some constructive critism, I find that uses such as ‘corrupted goverment and ‘bias media’ to be overused in these times and cliched. If you could instead use a literary device, like a metaphor in place of it, the overall feeling I would recieve from the poem would greatly increase.

    Just a thought..


    • I just couldn’t resist turning the tables and having a little fun. Thanks for giving me the first laugh.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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